Marker Pen


If you are moving house then you are probably going to be packing a lot of your belongings into moving boxes. Mark your packing boxes with this permanent marker to make sure your possessions go to the right room.

A very high quality marker pen for marking the contents of your boxes.

The marking pen needs to be a permanent marking pen so that it doesn't rub off the tape during transportation.


Write on the tape only with a permanent marking pen, don't write on the box.

Warning Tape Printed "FRAGILE"

Dimensions: Length 75 m x Width 48 mm

Warning Tape Printed "FRAGILE"


FRAGILE packing tape is useful to let people know that fragile items are contained within your boxes. more ...

Picture/Mirror Box
Dimensions: Length 1.04 m x Width 0.075 m x Height 0.775 m

Weight: 1.05 kg

Picture-Mirror Box


Durable single layer cardboard. Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, mirrors, paintings or table tops.  more ...